Film Synopsis

Giving Voice: The Japanese War Brides

Giving Voice: The Japanese War Brides is a documentary about Japanese women who married American soldiers post World War II. These are Japanese War Bride experiences as told by women, husbands, and researchers—something that has not been previously accomplished. The film captures stories about the their childhood during the war, meeting soldiers during the Occupation, dating and marriage, and their assimilation into American culture. Stories about the difficulties that these couples faced due to the military’s disapproval of their relationships; the numerous, intimidating steps and paperwork that were required for them to marry; and stories about their families’ feelings towards these unions are revealed.

Giving Voice is a joint collaboration between Dr. Miki Crawford (Professor and co-author of Japanese War Brides in America: An Oral History (2010) a Praeger Publication); Donald Moore (Assistant Professor in Electronic Media); and Bradley Bear (Special Projects Producer/Filmmaker) from the Ohio University Southern Campus.